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Information for Northeast Michigan Tennis Association Leagues

This website is dedicated to simplifying the job of USTA League captains. Captains and players will find simplified instructions for forming teams, signing up for leagues, entering scores, and planning team lineups. Most of this information is available on the USTA website, but here, you can access it much faster, and without the advertisements. We have also condensed it to eliminate instructions and rules that don't pertain to the Northeast Michigan District. The links, instead of being scattered randomly over the page, have been placed along the left edge. Many of the links on this page will also help you to navigate quickly to the the most often visited pages of the USTA Tennislink site. If you have suggestions for other links we should have on this page, or handy information, please contact us at

What is USTA League Tennis

USTA League Tennis is a team sport in which players form teams, and compete in local leagues to advance to State, Section, and National Championships. Teams compete against opponents of similar ability levels, based on a rating system known as the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). Play is also divided into Men's and Women's leagues, and sub-divided into Adult, Senior, Super-Senior, Combos, and Mixed Doubles.

An Adult team match consists of five individual matches, two singles matches, and three doubles matches. Senior, Super-Senior, Combos, and Mixed Doubles matches consist of only three individual doubles matches. Each individual match is best of 3 tiebreak sets, with a Super-tiebreak (first to 10 by 2) played in lieu of a third set.

You can find more information about the league tennis offerings in Northeast Michigan in the "League Offerings" section of this website