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NEMTA Important Rules for Adult Tennis Leagues

USTA League Tennis in Northeast Michigan is governed by three sets of regulations, National, Sectional, and District. Many of the Sectional Rules are duplicates of the National Rules, and likewise, a few of the District Rules are duplicates of the Sectional and National rules. If you are a captain, you should probably read all three of the Rules and Regulations booklets, which you would have received in your Captain's Packet. If you don't have hard copies, they are available in PDF format here:
USTA National League Regulations
Midwest Section League Regulations
Northeast Michigan Tennis Association League Regulations

If you are a league player, you don't have to read through all the regulations, but you should be aware of those rules that directly effect you during match play. In that vein, here is a condensed version of the important rules.

USTA National League Rules

The ITF Rules of Tennis, and "The Code", in the publication "A Friend at Court" shall apply unless modified by these USTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS

1.04A USTA League Program. The USTA League is a team competition for men, women and mixed doubles at specified National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) levels of play. The purpose of the program is to provide organized recreational play, emphasizing local competition, with advancement for winning teams from local competition to Area, Section or National championships to determine annually USTA League National Championship teams in each approved level of competition.

1.04C TennisLink is the official information system of the USTA League. All scorekeeping, registration, and record keeping is done through TennisLink, which is accessible through an internet browser. To use TennisLink, a player must be a USTA member and have created an online account

1.04D Local League Definition. A local league is a team competition in a specified geographic area that applies specific local league regulations and consists of NTRP level(s) with a minimum of two or more teams per level. A local league may choose to divide any or all NTRP levels into flights. Where flights are used, a playoff structure may be established to determine a champion for each NTRP level.


  • Must be domiciled within the boundaries of a USTA Section Association, or participate through a USTA District Member Club. Sections may create residency requirements to encourage and foster local league play.
  • Must be a member of the USTA
  • Must reach the age of 18 by the end of the current year to participate in adult leagues.
  • Must reach the age of 50 by the end of the current year to participate in senior leagues.
  • Must reach the age of 60 by the end of the current year to participate in super-senior leagues.

2.01C Each NTRP level within a local league shall play at least one round robin competition wherein every team plays every other team.

A team match consists of the following:

  • Adult league - Two singles matches and three doubles matches
  • Senior league - Three doubles matches
  • Super senior league - Three doubles matches
  • Mixed doubles league - Three doubles matches
  • Combos league - Three doubles matches

An individual match is any singles match or doubles match played as part of a team match.

A player's name must be listed on the team roster, as shown on TennisLink, prior to participation in any match. This includes any player who is added to a team roster after the commencement of local league play.

Individual matches are best of two tiebreak sets with a match tiebreak (first player to 10 by 2 points) in lieu of a 3rd set. The tiebreak score shall be entered as 1-set and 1-game for tiebreak purposes.

At the end of each team match, within 48 hours, the captains or their representative (a team member) must enter the scores into TennisLink. The first captain to log on must enter the scores, and the opposing captain must verify the entries. If the score is not validated within 48 hours of the initial entry, the initial score will be considered valid automatically.

Midwest Section League Rules

A Section, District, and/ or Local USTA League Coordinator, who participates in the USTA League Program may not be a captain of any team.

Local leagues must have begun play for Adult/Senior by July 1, Mixed Doubles by July 15, and Super Senior by August 15. Players in Combo Doubles and Senior Mixed Doubles must be registered on a team by December 15, except as noted specifically in other sections of the Articles of Agreement.

The local league season shall begin with the local league roster deadline and end on a date determined by the local league. During the local league season, no more than two regularly scheduled matches may be played in a seven-day period for the following Divisions: Adult, Senior, Mixed Doubles and Super Senior.

A local league season must be scheduled for a minimum of three weeks.

USTA League registration must be closed no later than two weeks prior to the end of the local league season in each District.

The maximum number of players allowed on a Mixed Doubles team is eighteen.

The team captains for each team shall exchange their team match lineups simultaneously prior to the beginning of the team match. No substitution may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented, except for injury to or illness of a player prior to the start of such match, and In the event of a no show, a rostered player may be substituted in the position of a missing player before the set default time in local competition. If the substitution is made during the warm-up, the substitute player is entitled to a five (5) minute warm-up.

Players who qualify to advance to championships on more than one team may be required by their section to choose which team they will represent.

For additional rules governing Combo Leagues, please refer to the Midwest Section League Rules

Important Northeast Michigan Tennis Association League Rules

WARM-UP Warm-ups are ten minutes including practice serves.

FORFEITS A player who is 15 minutes late, including the warmup time, forefits the match

TIMED MATCHES All Local League Matches are Timed Matches. Use the following procedures
Two timers should be preset for the following:
Timer #1 1 hour, 45 minutes
Timer #2` 2 hours
At the scheduled match time, start both timers. When the first timer goes off:

  • If you are in the first set:
    Complete the point in progress. Player(s) ahead by two games wins the first set. If the score is tied, play a Set Tie-Break.
    If one team is ahead by one game, play one more game to determine if the set is won (ahead by two games). If neither team is up by two games, play a Set Tie-Break. Then, play a Set Tie-Break for the second set.
    If you split sets, play a Match Tie-Break for the third set.
  • If you are in the Second Set:
    Complete the point in progress. Player(s) ahead by two games wins the set. If the score is tied, play a Set Tie-Break.
    If one team is ahead by one game, play one more game to determine if the set is won (ahead by two games). If neither team is up by two games, play a Set Tie-Break.
    If you split sets, play a Match Tie-Break for the third set.
  • If you are in the Third Set:
    Complete the Match Tie-Break.
  • If you are completely out of time in a tie-break, complete the point in progress, the player(s) ahead by one point wins the match. If no one is ahead by one point, play one more point.

Players pay court expenses of $13.00 per player per match for 2 hour timed matches. Home club supplies balls for each court.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES Players cannot bring electronic devices to the court. If a cell phone rings or vibrates while the ball is in play, the opponent may stop play and claim the point on the grounds of a deliberated hindrance. If the player has received permission from the opponent's captain or acting captain to wear the cell phone in vibrate mode, the opponent may claim a let on the grounds of unintentional hindrance.

SCHEDULES cannot be changed without approval of the NEMTA USTA League Coordinator. The NEMTA USTA League Coordinator must be notified within two weeks of the rescheduled date and the rescheduled match must be completed by the League ending date or two weeks before the District, State or Sectional Championship, whichever one comes first. Home captains; please confirm your court reservations (made by the USTA League Coordinator) with your facility at least one week prior to the match. Schedules will not accommodate players playing on two teams in different leagues.