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A Guide for NEMTA League Players

Joining a USTA Tennis Team

Northeast Michigan is a small district, with only about 250 total USTA adult members. 3.5 women account for over 100 of those members. 4.0 women account for another 100 members, leaving only about 50 other members spread out between men and women of various other ratings from 2.5 to 4.5. With such small numbers of players in each rating category, you can imagine how hard it is for a captain to recruit players for any given league. League tennis depends upon players willing to commit their time to the team, both during the league season, and during the championships which follow. Here are some tips to help you become a valuable USTA League tennis player.

  • Show commitment to your fellow players by being willing to compete under all circumstances.
  • Let your captain know the dates you will not be available. Block out the District, State, Section, and National Championship dates on your calendar.
  • Be knowledgeable of the Rules of Tennis and The Code of Conduct, in addition to the USTA National, Section, District, and Local League Regulations.
  • Make a committment to yourself to be on time. Arrive at least 10 minutes early for matches so your captain doesn't worry. Remember, he must turn in the lineup BEFORE the scheduled match time.
    The penalties for lateness are assessed starting at one second after the scheduled match time. (loss of toss plus one game)
  • Be supportive of your teammates and remember, the main objective of the USTA League Program is FUN!
  • New! Learn to use the Team Management Tools on Tennislink. These tools enable you and your captain to arrange schedules and track team progress online. They make the job of being a captain much easier.


Before you join an Adult League, you will need to join the USTA. There are various levels of membership for individuals, couples, and families. You can also choose length of membership from one year to lifetime. You can get to the USTA membership page by clicking on the "Join the USTA" link on the left edge of this page.


Once you have joined the USTA, your next step is to establish a USTA Account. TennisLink is the web service used to keep track of all USTA League Play. You will use this service to establish a player rating, sign up for team membership, track your individual match results, track your team standings in the league, and if you want, to research your opponents statistics. You need a USTA Account to access TennisLink. To create a new USTA account, click on the link "Your USTA Account" on the left of this page. Then follow the instructions for creating an account.


  1. If you don't have an NTRP rating
    The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for determining the levels of competition for USTA Leagues. It is a method of classifying skill levels for more compatible matches during league play. If this is the first time you have joined a USTA league, you will need to self-rate your playing ability. To self rate yourself, you will have to log in to your USTA account, which you created in the above step. Then click "Self Rate" found under NTRP Rating Info, and follow the instructions. Before you begin self-rating, you may want to read the following information on the USTA Website:
    NTRP Rating Guidelines
  2. You have a Rating. Register for a Team
    Your Team Captain will give you a team number which you will need in order to register for the team that you want to join. You will also need to have your USTA membership number. With these two pieces of information handy, click on the link "Register for a Team" on the left of this page. A new window will open where you will be able to register for the team.


Match Schedules with Match Numbers are found on TennisLink for Leagues. When you log on to your USTA Account, your home page will show a list of all the teams you have joined. Clicking on one of these will take you to the information regarding that team. By doing a little exploring, you can find about all the information you need to know about your team, such as match schedules, scores of completed matches, team standings within the league, and much more. Should you ever have to take the place of your captain during a match, you will be able to use TennisLink to print a blank scorecard for the match, as well as enter the scores after the match is complete.